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Our 30-year Reunion was held on July 29-31, 2011, in Bozeman.

Throughout the course of the weekend, the reunion was attended by 101 original class members, 42 spouses/guests, many families, and even a few crashers from the graduating years of ’80 and ’82. From all appearances, a good time was had by all. Many classmates remained in town through the end of the Sweet Pea Festival, so impromptu group gatherings were frequent.

Thank you to all who participated in the reunion activities, especially those who traveled from out-of-state. Thanks also to everyone who participated in the fundraisers, and we’ll post more details about the charitable activities to follow. A special thank you to the Class of ’82 members who helped us with check-in at the high school on Friday. It goes without saying that we owe a debt of gratitude to the reunion planning committee, who put in countless hours to make the reunion happen. The reunion committee is: Korrine Worrest, Steve Schlegel, Tammy Santos, Heidi Holland, Carrie Harvey, Pete Soper, Mike Shontz, Randy Hauser, Wanda Hatleberg, Sheila Hammond, Doug Campbell, and several others who lent us a quick hand at a moment’s notice.

If you have photos from the reunion that you’d like to contribute, you can upload them here, or just email them to

The reunion planning committee will hopefully update our website here with a complete rundown of the reunion activities, including your uploaded pics and videos, the photo presentations from Friday night at the Emerson, and fundraising results from the silent auction and raffle. For those that created an account here and filled in their contact info, we will also have their “bio” blurb, city and state of residence, and email address. (Don’t fret – this info will only be available if you are logged into your account, and will not be available to anonymous site viewers or search engines.)

In the interim, take a peek at the class group on Facebook.

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Missing Classmates

If you know the whereabouts of any of our classmates with whom we have lost touch, or think you might know a friend-of-a-friend, please let us know via the Contact Form, or send us an email with any details you have.

First Name Last Name (Maiden) Last Name (Married)
Kevin Beck
Kai Becker
Barb Brown
Violet Buchfink
Pedro Cabal-Duque
Alison Christy
Ken Clausen
Mike Cutler
Brenda Dietz
Arn Dyreson
Joakim Ed
Renee Freih
Bonnie Frost
Lisa Gee
Erin Gorman
Myrna Gregory
Steven Hanson
Tami Hembree
Angela Herschell Jennings
Emil Hill
Jimie Horn
Jeff Hostetter
Brenda Johannes
Moya Kinchla
Leasu Larson
Michele Lee Paradise
Brian Roy Lewis
Rod Little
Patsy McClelland
Bev McCulloch
Bob McWilliams
Jody Mierva
Alan Miller
Pam Mitchell
Brian Neff
Cheryl Newby
Lynne Newman
Anne Norberg
Raphael (Ray) Nyman
Teresa Parker Brown
Zsi-Zsi Rachmann
Jerry Reinier
Adrianna (Sharon) Richey Bounarroti
Nathaniel Saint Pierre
Nancy Schuman
Angela Shields Pierce
Clinton Shields
Ben Simpson
Kelle Smith
Martha Smith
Michele Tronstad
Stacy Vance
Charles Vaughn
Chrisie Wheat
Debbie Wiebe

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